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Today's technological advances bring health care right into the comfort of your home. Compass Mental Health & Wellness in North Houston, Texas, offers telemedicine and telepsychiatry services to reach patients who can't come into the office because of an illness or a busy schedule. Call Luciana Thompson, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC to see how a virtual visit with the platform might benefit you. You can also book online for added convenience.

Telemedicine Q & A

What is telemedicine?

An alternative to traditional face-to-face office visits, telemedicine relies on state-of-the-art technologies to provide remote treatment while protecting your privacy and confidentiality.

Telemedicine typically involves using a smartphone or a computer with audio and video capabilities to allow for dialogue and visual assessment.

Whether you require a diagnosis, are monitoring an existing condition, or need a refill on your prescription, telemedicine is a convenient way to reach your doctor without traveling to the office.

What does telemedicine diagnose or treat?

If you have a physical or mental health condition, telemedicine is an ideal option. Telemedicine can deliver timely, effective care for various concerns, including: 

  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Medication management
  • Weight loss management

In addition to these services, Compass Mental Health & Wellness can offer many of their existing mental health services with telepsychiatry.

Does telemedicine help with ongoing treatment?

Compass Mental Health & Wellness may use telemedicine for check-ins and to monitor the effectiveness of any medications that you may be taking. Telemedicine and telepsychiatry are easy ways to keep your provider up-to-date on your condition.

These virtual visits are also useful for patients who may need periodic adjustments to their treatment plans. Working towards mental wellness can be a high-touch process, and our modern lives can get in the way of necessary doctor's appointments. Virtual medicine makes it easy for you and your physician to stay on top of your treatment.

How does telemedicine work?

Telemedicine requires your smartphone or internet-connected device, which allows you to connect with and see your doctor. You will use a video-conferencing software provided by that is HIPAA-compliant and completely secure.

During your appointment, you will be able to discuss your health and describe any symptoms that have resolved, remained the same, or worsened. Your physician can then ask you questions and problem-solve with you, much like a typical, in-office appointment.

If you think you can benefit from the convenience of managing your physical and mental wellness with telehealth and telepsychiatry, book your appointment with Compass Mental Health & Wellness today. You can call the friendly office staff to inquire or book online.


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